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The aim of The European Association for the Development of the Rail-bound Transportation system (AEDTF) is the development and the promotion of the rail-bound transport in Europe, as including travellers transpostation as well as goods transportation. It intervenes directly with the European Union, its member states, associated states or neighbor states, of their Territorial and/or Local Authorities, of the Concessionary Organizations and/or Owners, of the railway equipment Manufacturers, Railway users assiociations or “Friends of the Rail”, and more generally near all those which are concerned with the object of our association. The AEDTF’s field of activity covers the whole railway lines whatever their types (including the urban ones).
The AEDTF is an French association under the law of 1901, based upon the nongovernmental organization type (ONG). As it is of horizontal type (and not of type vertical or pyramidal), this club allows positive exchanges, futuristic thoughts, cognitives relationships between people or entities that would not meet because of their focused activities. The official positions of the AEDTF, validated by its Office and its Board of directors (and/or by its General meeting), are not automatically those of all its members and vice versa. The AEDTF is in the initiator of many achievements and texts of laws at the national or european level. It is the only structure of this type in Europe. It is mainly a tool used by “regions”/landers/provinces (in charge of the regional rail-bound transport) or major cities.
Over time, the AEDTF became a major cornerstone player for the local authorities and the administrations for its competence in the railway field covering international railway lnks (EC., ETR, ICE and TGV), regional links (IC, IR and EIR) and local links (RE, RB, FOR THE THIRD TIME, Métros, Trains/Tramways and Tramways). Several hundreds of individuals, but also a great number of state representatives of all political parties, regions, departments, cantons, districts, communities, corporations, manufacturers and associations support these various projects actively. Do you want better transportation means, then go ahead , fill in your application form to become a member of AEDTF and have relatives do it too !
Once you become a member of the AEDTF, it automatically implies receiving the newsletter called "Letter d’ Infos de l’AEDTF". This letter, well appreciated be the members, is released 2 to 3 times a year, i.e. : Mars/April, June (optional issue) and October/November. Along with us, let’s build the rail-bound transportation system that Europe deserves for now and tomorrow !